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Up Next:
- Reading selections from the comments to the previous episode.

- Releasing the next episode when reaching certain views on Youtube. 4th episode 400 views. 5th episode 500 etc.

  • Brain Implant Translates Paralyzed Man's Thoughts Into Text
  • Public Domain, Fair Use, Licenses
  • Reading Dialog
  • Listening some subcuts
  • Reading poetry
  • Murhphy's Laws
  • Talking about the content of the padcast.
  • Talking about Youtube subscription and reminding the audience every time to subscribe and like and share. :)
  • Section: Joke
  • Section: Reading Short News / Story
    The man was a hacker
  • Section: Tongue Twisters
    - The great Greek grape growers grow great Greek grapes.
  • Section: Glossary
  • Section: Talking about a quote
    - Many people would be scared if they saw in the mirror not their faces but their character.
  • Reading selections from the comments to the previous episode.
  • Experiment: Same food with expensive and cheap price...
  • Sentence based English learning... Repeated listening of the sentence audio.
  • VAV, Elections game, Subcuts.
  • blowing air to put out the candles in celebrations


Extraordinary English Podcast - Episode #3

This is Extraordinary English Podcast, Episode #3, Welcome everyone. I am Ben.
In this third episode, we'll continue with Sara.
As we already said previously, we are both English learners.

Paraphrasing tool: https://quillbot.com/


SARA: Hey Ben. Tell me what did the listeners say about the second episode?

BEN: We got lots of positive and encouraging feedback. Even more than what we got for the first one.

SARA: I am happy to hear that.

BEN: By the way, Sara, do you know Steve from free4talk?

SARA: Who doesn't know Steve. He is native English speaker from UK. I reckon he has the most followers on free4talk. What about him?

BEN: But more than that he is a nice, kind person... And, hang on to your hat! He is joining us now, in this episode!

SARA: You are pulling my leg. Tell me where the camera is so I can wave my hand. :)

CHOIR: Tell her, tell her. Tell her where the camera is so that she can wave her hand.

BEN: Hello Steve. Welcome to Extraordinary English Podcast. It's a pleasure to have you with us.

STEVE: Hey Ben, hello Sara. It's nice to see you both.

SARA: Ben, what a nice surprise! This is exciting! Welcome Steve.


SARA: Ben, what are we going to do in this episode?

BEN: I am completely snowed under with thinking of a new concept.

STEVE: Do you feel like you're in a pickle? Do you need any help? What do you have in mind?

BEN: I've spent considerable amount of time thinking, but haven't found something special yet. I've burned the midnight oil every night lately.

STEVE: No sweet without sweat... With hard work, you can get fire out of a stone.

SARA: Don't worry Ben, I have an idea which can put your mind at ease.

BEN: Really? Would you mind speaking your mind?

SARA: What about proverbs?

STEVE: It's a nice idea Sara. Can you elaborate?

SARA: I think it would be fun if we can prepare a list of interesting English proverbs and use them in the podcast.

STEVE: And since Ben is so much into singing, he can even sing them, if he wants.

BEN: I liked the idea. Steve, you can be our mentor and help us. Would you be ready for that?

STEVE: I was born ready. I would be happy to help if I can.

BEN: And I remembered that some of our listeners told us they would like to join us in Extraordinary English Podcast. Maybe we can have some of them participate and give them the chance to present one or two proverbs.

SARA: That would be great. The more the merrier.

BEN: OK then. It's time to buckle down. While I am trying to make some connections, Sara, go and pick some proverbs please. :)

SARA: Done!


  1. Well begun is half done.
    Beginning a project well makes it easier to do the rest.

  2. If life deals you lemons, make lemonade.
    Focus on the good in a bad situation and take action accordingly.

  3. He who pays the piper calls the tune.
    The person who is paying someone to do something can decide how it should be done

  4. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
    People who have faults should not criticize other people for having the same faults.

  5. When the cat is away, the mice will play.
    People do what they want, or misbehave when the person in authority is away.

  6. What is done cannot be undone.
    You cannot reverse, change, or take back that which has already happened.

  7. It is no use crying over spilt milk.
    There is no point in regretting something which has already happened and cannot be changed or reversed.

  8. If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.
    You cannot rely on other people to do things properly for you.

  9. A cornered rat will bite a cat.
    Left with no choice, even a relatively weak one will fight back.

  10. If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow.
    A small, seemingly innocuous act or decision that will lead to much larger, more serious, and less desirable consequences down the line.

  11. Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
    Someone who gets enough sleep and starts work early in the day will have a successful life.

  12. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    Don't discard something valuable along with something undesirable.

  13. Don't cross a bridge till you come to it.
    Do not needlessly worry yourself over concerns, problems, or difficulties that lie in the future.


  • https://tatoeba.org/
  • https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com
  • http://www.idioms4you.com/
  • https://proverbicals.com/hard-work-proverbs
  • www.merriam-webster.com
  • https://www.phrases.org.uk/
  • www.lexico.com/
  • www.collinsdictionary.com
  • nihonshock.com/



Steve, Sara, Fatma, Karim Farouk, Riley, MayanaSu, Justin

Music Tracks:

  • It's Your Birthday! (Instrumental Version) by Monk Turner + Fascinoma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

The following audios are licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License (CC0) on freesound.org

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- How are you Ben?

- I am sort of out of sorts... I have pain in the neck.

- Sorry to hear that. I wonder what's the reason.

- The other day I was talking with someone. I was complaining about the pain I have in the neck.. Then we went deep in our conversation, I started to talk about my projects... He just interrupted me and said:

"It's not at all in vain, you having all that neck pain!" (can be voiced with another user)

- So, what should I understand from this statement?


BEN: I will... Clara, you are as quiet as a mouse today. I wonder why?

CLARA: Sara, I have a suggestion for you.. your coffee shop is very spacious. why don't you hold some activities occasionally?

SARA: can you elaborate?

CLARA: Maybe you can put a stage over there and invite some talents to do some performance

SARA: Iiim...

CLARA: Like someone who can sing, or play guitar, read poetry, or even do talk show.

BEN: wow! it sounds astonishing!

SARA: It's a nice idea Clara. But I am already snowed under with lots of things. I am not sure if I can manage to organize such an event.

BEN: I have a remedy for you Sara?

SARA: What's it Ben?

BEN: Why don't you hire Clara and have her works here, in your coffee shop? She can help you and also organize the events.

SARA: It's a good idea... Clara, you have heard Ben. Would you like to work in my coffee shop and assist me?

CLARA: I would like to, Sara. But I am studying at the school. Would it be suitable for you if I work part time?

SARA: Done!

Sara, Some audiences suggesting us to have a part at the end of the episode, describing the phrases and expressions we used in the episode. What do you think about this idea?


Or maybe we can invent a dictionary guy which we can call him whenever we need him.


Another funny guy (a sort of listener) may interrupt and asks (in funny way) about the things he didn't understand. After that the dictionary guy may appear and describe the things (in formal way).



ALEX: Hello Ben! I am expecting you to talk to me for months.
BEN: Hello Alex. Why don't you talk with someone else meanwhile?
ALEX: It is a good idea. But nobody wants to talk to me more than few minutes.
BEN: It'll be the same with me too.
ALEX: Why? Can't you stay any longer?
BEN: I am busy Alex. I have a podcast to prepare. What do you want?
ALEX: OK OK! I want to ask you a question.
BEN: Why don't you just ask me the question directly, without telling me you are going to ask me a question?
ALEX: I want you to be ready for it.
BEN: Come on Alex!
ALEX: How many cookies could a good cook cook if a good cook could cook cookies?
BEN: What?!
ALEX: How many cookies could a good cook cook if a good cook could cook cookies? (melodic)
BEN: Hmm... I think, A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies.
ALEX: Wow! You knew it! Let me ask you another one.
BEN: Keep it for next time Alex. We happen to be out of time! (+for this episode!)


  • to put your mind at ease: to cause someone to stop worrying about something
  • to speak your mind: to say exactly what you are thinking or feeling
  • hang on to your hat: be prepared for a shock or surprise
  • pull (one's) leg: to tease or joke with someone, often by trying to convince them of something untrue.
    Quit pulling my leg, I know there isn't a Hollywood director calling me right now.
  • snowed under: having too much to do
  • in a pickle: in a difficult situation
  • buckle down: work very hard
  • burn the midnight oil: work or study late into the night
  • the more the merrier: the more people or things there are, the better a situation will be

-- SARA: Can we continue to our conversation after that?

-- BEN: You know where to find me if you need me. (melodic)

- I've got feedbacks from listeners, they said they are looking forward to the next episode.

By the way, allow me to inform our listeners about our podcast. Now we are also on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify. In addition to those, we have created a Youtube channel. Listeners can subscribe and get notifications when the next episode published.

- What do you think Sara, should we say to the listeners to like and share our podcast and subscribe to our Youtube channel or not?


INSERT INTO tblquestion (idquiz, user, question, answer, option1, option2, option3)
(54, "m1gin", "Why did Ben want to end the talk with Sara?", "Alex expecting him", "He became angry with her", "Sara doesn't want to talk to him", "He has no time to talk"),
(54, "m1gin", "Which characteristic behaviour describe Alex better?", "inquisitive", "hard working", "uninterested", "comfy"),
(54, "m1gin", "Which language does Sara may not able to speak?", "Spanish", "Arabic", "French", "English"),
(54, "m1gin", "What does ""ins and outs"" mean?", "details", "approximately", "bumpy", "boredom"),
(54, "m1gin", "Whose idea is to creatie a quiz for Extraordinary English Podcast episodes?", "Sara", "Ben", "Alex", "Unknown"),
(54, "m1gin", "Does Alex know Sara from before?", "No", "Yes", "Unknown", ""),
(54, "m1gin", "Can Ben can a can as a canner can can a can? :)", "No", "Yes", "Unknown", ""),
(54, "m1gin", "Why Ben doesn't allow Alex to ask all of his questions?", "The time isn't enough", "Alex forgot his question", "Ben will go and talk with Sara","");
(54, "m1gin", "What does ""I am all ears"" mean?", "You have all my attention", "I look like an ear", "I have more ears than you","");

update tblquestion set type=0, dateupdate=current_timestamp where idquiz=54;

select * from tblquestion order by id desc LIMIT 5;

Ideas for next episodes:

  • inspirational quotes with composed melodies... sing by many.
  • Singing in crying way (or another challenges)
  • Talking about Turkish and Egyption cultures
  • Talking about recorded mistakes and fixing them
  • put some favorite mistakes at the beginning (just 1 or 2)
  • the expressions can be added at the end of the video!
  • Inviting a teacher and asking him questions... Like how can we improve our speaking? How can we learn more vocabularies.
  • Speaking bear on the stage. as though he is famous, so invited.
  • A character with nonsense talker.... can interrupt and help for switching to another topic easily.
  • One hand washes the other. (Riley)

  • It's what it is. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1WjjYINItI
  • No matter what - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1WjjYINItI
  • So what / So what if! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1WjjYINItI
  • Give someone the cold shoulder: Ignore someone
  • [18:23:28] (Channel) sara: The ball is in your court: It's your decision
  • There are other fish in the sea: It's ok to miss this opportunity. Others will arise.

- on the cloud nine (sara)

- haste makes waste (sara)

- curiosity kill the cat (sara) -- can be used in dialog with Alex.

- wrap up: end or finish some event / We're going to wrap up this program with a song.

- run something buy someone: Do you have free time? I want to run something by you.

- a dime a dozen: very common / Coffee shops here are a dime a dozen.

- cut it out! : stop it!, enough! / You can't have cookies before dinner, so just cut it out and stop asking me. / Hey! Cut it out!hiii

- hit it off: get along well, be friends immediately / I knew you two would hit it off. / We didn't exactly hit it off.

- jam-packed: crowded, filled to maximum capacity / The train that we took this morning was jam-packed with people. / The last time I took a vacation, my suitcase was jam-packed. / When you travel, is your suitcase jam-packed?

- just around the corner: nearby, very close, at hand; imminent, about to happen / Spring is just around the corner. / Her birthday is just around the corner.

- take your time

- by taking my time l know I also taking your time.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you
I can’t thank you enough
Eternally grateful
Beyond grateful
Grateful for your support
I appreciate your thoughtfulness, you’ve made my day!
Thank you for going above and beyond!
Thanks for being in my corner
How are things going?
What are you up to?
What’s good in the hood?
What was the highlight of your day, so far?
How’s it rolling?
It is lovely meeting you.
How wonderful to meet you!
Great seeing you.
Great interacting with you.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.

A man with a full belly thinks no one is hungry.

Person 3: How I can reach to you?
Mr: You know where to find me if you need me. (Melodic)
Mr: Of course you can reach me from Extraordinary English Podcast

Person: You mean I can reach you whenever I want by clicking the link related to the episode? Then can I comment on your episodes in your site?
Mr: Of course. People do that all the time. (melodic)
Person: I have checked your site and I have seen a lot of people messaged. I wonder what did they want?
Mr: They just wanted to ask me a few questions. (melodic)
Person: OK. Thank you for the explanation. I will do that all the time, then. :)
Mr: After that you need to click that link every time. (melodic)

Sentences which can be used as melodic way

  1. You said you could speak French / Arabic
  2. Will people make fun of me?
  3. She is a good friend of mine.
  4. I understood almost everything.
  5. What do you want to do about it
  6. That was actually unexpected.
  7. I'll be able to show you.
  8. You know where to find me if you need me.
  9. People do that all the time.
  10. You seem perfect for the job.
  11. They just wanted to ask me a few questions.
  12. Guess what he told me.
  13. I want you in my office in one hour.
  14. You ruined everyone's fun.
  15. It's strange, don't you think?
  16. I have to buy a new battery for my car.
  17. We agree to your proposal.
  18. Let's go back to the beginning.
  19. Thank you for helping me with my essay.
  20. What are you implying?
  21. I'm here for personal reasons.
  22. After that you need to click that link every time.


  • sleep on it: think about it carefully
    Someone gave me a good offer for a used car but I think I need to sleep on it.
  • to be fired up: being excited
    I am totally fired up for the concert tomorrow.
    Everybody fired up for Jack's party.
  • Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. (ant hill).

Expressions with "happen"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSVz2Peh3Q4 | 7 Ways To Use HAPPEN - English Vocabulary Lesson

  • It just so happened that I went to the same restaurant yesterday that you went to today.
  • I bumped into Jenny at the party last night. It just so happens that we both know the host. What a coincidence!
  • I happened to see Eddie at the music shop yesterday.
  • I happened to find out that Jack is going to quit the company, but I don't know why.
  • Jenny happens to be very good at gardening. You should see her flowers!
  • Excuse me, do you happen to know what time it is?
  • Do you happen to know where the train station is?
  • Well, I think we happen to be out of time!
  • By the way, did you happen to see my new music video?

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