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Open the movie/ serious subtitle in "visual studio code/ other test editors", copy it, and then go to this link:

*Note: iF there are multiple subtitle, it needs to pick the most subtitle from the options i have to make it in a good synchronicty.

paste the subtitle on the" subtitle square" then click "process".

Add the movie name in the "credits box".

pick " filter unknown words" or "list dens lins" button

open the video related to the subtitle in the background with "mpv player"

click three lift clicks on the sentence another tab will be opened.


in case i want to playing the all movie I need to click" ctrl w"/ restart mpv. Because if you didn't do it, the movie will be stick with this specific minute that you picked.

if I want to save the sentence and add it to the "game", I need to adjust the time and give it a level and then click on "save& ... " but if not click "Delete".

the cutting sentence will be saved in the folder called " mb/ cuts".

to add this list to my favorite sentences, copy or cut them and paste them in ( mb - python-data-"sentence") .


If I want to add a new subtitle to check them i need to delete the old one to not confuse all of them together.

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